слова песни Atanatos - Armageddon (Time Of Prophecy), текст песни Atanatos - Armageddon (Time Of Prophecy)

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слова песни Atanatos - Armageddon (Time Of Prophecy)

The daylight is drying up in the dusky mysterious veils.
Eternal night, overhelming darkness, the sky is lighted up by flashes.
Bleeding clouds, torn by frosty storms of the universe,
are rushing down to the burning earth.
Endless streams, fall of sorrow and agony
are running away from the indestructable gate of evil.
Teared up by wild hurricans, hoarsed screams of anguished creatures.
Pain and hopelessness are falling down to the dusky ground
like a dirty rain and are making all human beings be quiet.
To escape the heat twitching bodies are turning in the plateous of mud
seeking for moisture though their water masses have already changed into dust.

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слова песни Atanatos - Armageddon (Time Of Prophecy)

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