слова песни Afterhours - Almost home, текст песни Afterhours - Almost home

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слова песни Afterhours - Almost home

Can you help me doctor?
There's a fever deep inside my bones,
And I can't slip away from that feeling til I'm almost home

Many days I've wandered
For that time when I'm no more alone,
And I can't, no I won't, kick that feeling til I'm almost home

Oh, can't you see it?
Sweet and soothing glow
Oh, can't you feel it?
Feel it in your soul

I have tried to face it,
But to see it means there's no more hope,
I just won't get away from that feeling 'cause I'm almost home

Voices have me yearning,
But no voice can bring me to my goal,
Just by passion alone with that feeling, yes I'm almost home

No time left for wasting,
Let my spirit keep my mind aglow,
'Cause I'll never abandon that feeling that I'm almost home

Oh, I can see it
Warm and precious glow
Oh, I can feel it
Coursing through my soul

It is time to face it
That in God and in her visions....(?)
The most sorrowful fear of that feeling that I'm almost home

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слова песни Afterhours - Almost home

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