слова песни Aardvarks - Grey, текст песни Aardvarks - Grey

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слова песни Aardvarks - Grey

Everything I see is coloured grey
that's no recognition in dismay
every system has its second sight
indefinable the ruling might

Talking black and white
to lay down what is wrong and right
tell the lie of good and evil
narrow minded view
the source of all religious stew
cause everything I see
it's all just shades of grey

Trying to escape into belief
disappointment's all you will receive
leaving judgement to a greater power
a sight that evolution will devour

Painting black and white
declaring what is wrong or right
tell the tale of good and evil
small-minded point of view
the source of all the ritual stew
cause everything I see
it's all just shades of grey

Fear of total death haunting your mind
hoping your eternal life to find
searching for redemption is your aim

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слова песни Aardvarks - Grey

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