слова песни FILIN - Will never, текст песни FILIN - Will never

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слова песни FILIN - Will never

Gathering the shreds of
our dreams and memories
You couldnt keep it really
you think I'm silly
Cuz I've left everythig behind

All the words and phrases
And you gave it all away
how could it be deceiving
if I know Your feeling
And I'm sure it's gonna be alright

But You will never see my scars
And You will never see the stars
that I'm putting in the night sky
and You won't get the answer Why

Trying hard to save that
You couldnt see the main cause
And now You are chasing tails
You gotta know it stales
You are totaly at a loss

And there is nothing left to
give a shit or carry on
You have to be much stronger
believe no longer
and I'm sure it's gonna be alright

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слова песни FILIN - Will never

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