слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Left behind, текст песни Heartbreak Suicide - Left behind

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слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Left behind

This is the lethal dose
Who knows the tax
Some would prefer to crawl than to break their backs
Got no reason to try
Got no reason to fight
Who are you to decide that you deserve your life

What comes around always goes around
You better watch your back untill you leave this town
But my ways 're approved
I'm bulletproof
It's too far gone
I got too much too loose

Send me the rain from the sky
To wash my scars left by the time
Give me the reason to survive

You know the spell to make me fly
The code of pleasure in my mind
And all those dreams I've left behind

Ripped and shattered in snowhite flows
I know the answer
I know from where wind blows
Beggars and thieves
Everybody's looking for the place to live

And for sure
That's not what I want
I won't be the another one

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слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Left behind

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