слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Alibis, текст песни Heartbreak Suicide - Alibis

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слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Alibis

Tell me who are these people all around
Tell me is it the place where I belong
Wake me up and slap my face again
Drag me out of this deadman's wonderland
My head is crashed like a garbagecan

Whatever happen to me
Cos I aint' gonna set you free
Whatever happen cos I don't even care

Let me in to lick my opened wounds
Let me in to drag myself to hell
I'm so sick and I know that you've got the cure
Come and save my life I need some more
My head is crashed just like before

Whatever happen to me
Coz i ain't gonna let you see
What's gonna happen cos I don't even care

So where're you now
When I ain't got no alibis
Pockets full of medicine can't help me with my eyes
I'm out of line and you are the only one
I count on you
So come and bring me down some peace of mind that will stay

Come on baby come on baby come on baby bring me back
Is it you who's gonna be with me no matter what I've done
Is it you to give me consolation

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слова песни Heartbreak Suicide - Alibis

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