слова песни Lil Wayne - Lay it down, текст песни Lil Wayne - Lay it down

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слова песни Lil Wayne - Lay it down

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
YMCMB, bitches call me Tunechi Lee
I be with niggas that shoot police
I keep that iron, you can get creased
And if she say she didn't fuck, bitch ya lying through ya teeth
They say it cost to be the boss, the ones in jail wish they were free
Niggas call me Hi-C because I'm high as you can see
Niggas say they paid they dues, well I'm checking your receipt
Might as well go stupid since this is a stupid beat
Grab the owl out the tree, and ask that bitch, who but me?
Got ya bitch bent over nigga, hands to her feet
Tell that pig and that cow I'll go ham if it's beef
Cause all my niggas well rounded, don't fuck with none of these square niggas
Mask on, Ghostface Killah, draw down and erase niggas
I'm a Blood, is you a blood donor?
Swisher full of that California
I hit it sideways, catacorner
Then she catch that nut like pneumonia
Lil Tunechi

[Hook]Lay it down ho
Lay it down bitch
Lay it down ho
Lay it down

Lay it down, lay it down
You hoes lay it down (x2)

Put the money on the couch nigga
Gimme everything up in you house nigga,
Shut yo mouth nigga (x2)

[Verse 2: Cory Gunz]Start it up, vroom vroom
Uppercut a bitch out the bus, boom boom
Unless I get the brain, poom poom
She let a nigga run and get the gang, run a train, zoom zoom
Tryna get paid too soon, one deep
One sweep away in a room room
We getting money over here, talking shit and fucking bitches, I don't know what the fuck they doing Tune
My syrup purple, my turf Earth
My birth circle, I'll dirt surf you
I'll squirt murk you, my verse hurtful
My shooters still got curb curfews

Yall bout as hot as von dutch
Yall not gone harm much
Hijack yall some prom busts
Ain't no retreat but my arms up
We don't graffiti, my bombs up
It's Young Money in this shit until a nigga dead and gone
If you wanna set it off, what you wanna bet it on?
I'm betting the wedding's off when everything is wetted on
Point 'em out, Truk ya life
Fuck ya style, fuck with me
You a bucket foul, niggas'll buck ya smile
For a dunkin pile, you better duck it, pal

[Verse 3: Nicki Minaj]Shawty, what's yo name?
Is you tricking? Is you paying?
Is you sniffing on that cane?
What the fuck is you saying?
If you getting it, then you getting it
It's my money I ain't splittiing it
I ain't tripling it, if she got a fat ass, then I'm tipping it
Come out the bank, bye teller
Give a bum money, hi fella
Bad lil ho, high yellow
Brand new roley, sky dweller
Just left from Dubai
Flew private eye
I made a million dollars, swear to God that ain't no lie
I said them niggas was poppin
Fake niggas be watchin
My black glove be drippin wet, but I got my Cochran
Losing ain't no option, I'm teaching bitches my doctrine
The Maybach ain't poppin if it ain't got no partation

Oops I mean partition, it's all a part of my vision
I sit and count this money while I watch you bitches audition (x2)

I don’t give a fuck
You don’t hear me, you don’t see me.
Bitch you gon' feel me ho
Young Money
Young-young Money nigga.
Young-young, lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down
Lay it down, lay it down, you hoes lay it down, ah!

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Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne: Lil Wayne - американский рэпер. Его альбом "Tha Block is Hot" дебютировал в верхних десяти строчках чарта Billboard 200, сам Уэйн был номинирован на «Лучшего молодого исполнителя года». Вскоре после пришедшего к нему успеха, Уэйн принял участие в записи совместных синглов с такими рэперами, как B.G. (Bling Bling) и Big Tymers (#1 Stunna) в 2000 году. дальше >>

слова песни Lil Wayne - Lay it down

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