слова песни Joys - Spirits, текст песни Joys - Spirits

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слова песни Joys - Spirits

Your wasted efforts to stop
The chemistry between us
Never come off
"It's all over" messages
Make me laugh
Your mother calls me bitch
And wife is going mad
I've heard that dozens of times
So please don't you start
Let's better get drunk
Let's get drowned in the spirits, baby
Go ahead reconcile yourself
You spend nights with me
And always late for work
When you sleep with your wife
You think of me
Burning out of control
You cannot resist me
I'm gonna please you this night
Our magic drives you wild
And blast it all
Let's get drowned in the spirits, baby
Stop giving stupid promises
This all is not about love
We both know our story'
Will come to an end
But tonight i'll fulfil your fantasies
So let's enjoy the flame
And to make you switch off
I'll strip off my clothes

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слова песни Joys - Spirits

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