слова песни Joys - MMBB, текст песни Joys - MMBB

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слова песни Joys - MMBB

you're lying on my sofa
you're lying in my throat
it curdles my stomach
you can't imagine how
i take my keys and leave
this grey cold morning
i'm walking down the street
my dog won't stop barking
and that drives me mad
i'm dead sick of you
and every single time
your bare-faced lie
makes my blood boil
can you explain me why the hell
i should sing about
our big bad loving
can you still feel it
do you really think i can
oh come on don't you start
these foolish idle talkings
i look out my window
it's snowing it's cold
this story happenes every
every fucking day
there is no happy ending
and i don't give a shit
about your silly existance
i've had enough of it
so get out and disappear
that is not what i'm saying
i keep my tongue

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слова песни Joys - MMBB

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