слова песни Emeli Sande - Lifetime, текст песни Emeli Sande - Lifetime

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слова песни Emeli Sande - Lifetime

Dreaming only lasts until you wake up
And you find you're not asleep
Silence only sticks around
Till someone in the room decides to speak

And luck runs out and hearts go cold
We're only young until we're old
And summer leaves us wondering where it went
The friends you have can disappear
The whole world can change within a year
And money only lasts until it's spent

But you, you
You last a lifetime
You last a lifetime

Truth will change and time will fly
The party lasts until the wine is gone
This time next week the radio will change its mind
And play a different song

We stay in touch till we forget
And beauty fades the kiss will end
And fame will love and leave you just as fast
You'll have it all until it's gone
The books get burnt and statues fall
Sometimes feels like nothing will ever last

But you, you
You last a life time
You last a lifetime

Hey love can we dance together?
Since I found you feels like time don't matter
Hey love now I feel much better
You've shown me forever

See you, you
You last a lifetime
You last a lifetime

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Emeli Sande

Emeli Sande: Emeli Sande - шотландская певица и автор песен. Санде впервые стала известна в глазах общественности после того, как записала трек «Diamond Rings» с рэпером Chipmunk. Она писала песни для многих артистов, в том числе Шер Ллойд, Parade, Сьюзан Бойл, Габриэль, Preeya Kalidas, Леона Льюис, Алиша Диксон, Шерил Коул,Тайни Темпа и Mutya Keisha Siobhan. Ее дебютный... дальше >>

слова песни Emeli Sande - Lifetime

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