слова песни Vendetta - War, текст песни Vendetta - War

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слова песни Vendetta - War

(Vocals: Daxx)
War - hey mother, do you want war, hey mother?
War - murdered love, aggression, war, brutality.
War - black, white, red, yellow mother do you want the war?
War - unborn love, aggression, war, malevolence, war.

War - in your country, atomic killers in your country.
War - arms and weapons are the ones, who killed your father in the Second World War
War - in the Thrid Reich or in Vietnam, pain's still the consequence.
War - made'em die in Iraq and Hiroshima. - War!

Many people lost their lives.
Noone gave them a chance for SURVIVAL
Who can tell me why.
Let's have a better world and a beter time. -
Need a better time!

Solo: Micky

NO MORE BOMBS, NO MORE WAR, no more battles, no more.
No more killing, NO MORE WAR, no more weapons, no more
(God damned, damned war). SAND UP FOR LOVE!

Solo: Micky

So people stand up now. It's your duty to stop the military triumph.
Bring the peace back to us so we can forget our bloody history.
Give'em reason, give'em brains. NEED A HAPPY END to this infernal horror story.
Live in fear never more. WANT TO LIVE my life in harmony -
Not in war.

Many people lost their lives.

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слова песни Vendetta - War

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