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слова песни Emin - Do You Know

When I look into your eyes
Deep as only sea can be
I can never figure out
Do you really care for me

Do you know

Now we’re laying side by side
Want to tell you how I feel
You are all I ever wanted
And I need you to be near

My love for you is endless
And you’ve known this for a while
I’ve noticed I’ve been careless
But there comes a time

When you have to climb some fences
And you should never fear
To Follow all your instincts
To prove your love is real

Do you know

When the evening comes around
And I am sitting here alone
You’re nowhere to be found
I want to call and say hello

Do you know

Since I fell in love with you
I just don’t know what to do
It’s been crazy for some time
And I don’t think I’ll get through

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Emin: Эмин - российский предприниматель, вице-президент группы компаний Crocus Group, певец, музыкант. Свой первый музыкальный альбом «Still» выпустил в 2006 году. Осенью 2011 года по инициативе Дэвида Линча был номинирован на премию Grammy в номинации «Открытие года». В декабре 2013 года Эмин презентовал свой первый русскоязычный альбом "На Краю",... дальше >>

слова песни Emin - Do You Know

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